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Angus Glen is a picturesque town

Besides being home to two 18-hole championship golf courses, Angus Glen is a small community that otherwise tends to stay out of the spotlight. It is comprised of about 1,100 newer homes, ranging from single family homes to townhouses. The Angus Glen Community Centre helps to bring together residents for recreational activity and its library.

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Dominion Lending Centres are actually the #1 mortgage company in Canada - originating more mortgages than even any of the big banks do. To learn more, see this page - Dominon Lending Centres

Your top-rated Angus Glen Mortgage Broker can set you up with a pre-approval and tell you how much you can afford - all completely free and part of the service! You can also read more about pre-approvals at this page - mortgage approval

We serve the entire GTA and surrounding areas - not just Angus Glen. In fact, if you're interested in the surrounding areas around Angus Glen, check out our Cachet Mortgage Broker and our Cachet Mortgage Agent services. If you're looking for a Real Estate Agent, you should also check out this site - Angus Glen Realtor

Angus Glen

Angus Glen (Census Tract No. 5350403.05) (2006 Population 2,596) is a community in the city of Markham, just north of the community and former municipality of Unionville, Ontario, Canada.

The area was originally farmland, but as Unionville's housing development in the late 1990s matured in 1997 the original Angus Glen East Village, comprising approximately 500 single family homes and townhouses, was developed. Majority of Angus Glen (including the Cachet community) is of Canadian and European ancestry, while the remaining 17% remains East Asian. In addition to the famous golf course, the area is just west of Markham's William Berczy Historic Cemetery, which contains the graves of the early settlers of the city of Markham.


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