Free Guide Reveals:The $16,457 Hidden Mortgage Cost And Exactly How To Avoid It

In this free guide, a mortgage professional reveals the inside mortgage secrets that the banks don't want you to know!

You MUST read this before signing a mortgage - or you could end up $16,457 worse off...

Some Of The Stories Inside:

I refinanced my closed 5 year mortgage of $480,000 one year before renewal. For this, I paid a $20,000 penalty.

- Helen C.

Banks shouldn't be allowed to play these games any longer, the Government needs to step in.

- Ellen R

I involved the bank head office, the ombudsman, the government, all to no avail... I found out the hard way

- Don H

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Our Free Guide Will Show You The Mortgage Feature That's Banned In Australia But Still Used By Lenders In Canada

4 Other Things You Will Learn In This Free Guide:


What's In Your Mortgage Rates

The mortgage product feature that is banned in Australia but still used by every major Canadian bank.


Why Advertised Rates Are So High

Yet you can instantly walk into any bank or lender and get a quote for a much, much lower rate.


People Who Learned The Hard Way

Stories of Canadians caught out by hidden mortgage costs in their mortgage rates and how you can avoid this.


The $16,457 Hidden Cost In Your Mortgage Rates

How looking beyond the rates in your mortgage could save you $16,457

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I wrote this guide to educate people on the dangers of just signing a mortgage commitment. There is lots the banks don't tell you that you should know. When I saw this was costing Canadians in the GTA an average of $16,457 I was gob-smacked. I'm dedicated to getting everyone the same mortgage I would get my friends and family - the best out there.

Michael Sneddon

CPA, CA, Mortgage Agent

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