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Islington, You Got A Lot To Offer

Islington is a home to both a large residential community and a flourishing business district as well. It has deep historical ties to Toronto, being host to a main route that many travelers would take to get to the city. With easy access to transit and the surrounding area, it makes a perfect place to settle in for a working family or someone who simply wants to get around the city with ease.

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Dominion Lending Centres are actually the #1 mortgage company in Canada - originating more mortgages than even any of the big banks do. To learn more, see this page - here

Your top-rated Islington Mortgage Broker can set you up with a pre-approval and tell you how much you can afford - all completely free and part of the service! You can also read more about pre-approvals at this page - here

We serve the entire GTA and surrounding areas - not just Islington. In fact, if you're interested in the surrounding areas around Islington, check out our Long Branch Mortgage Broker and our Mimico Mortgage Agent services. If you're looking for a Real Estate Agent, you should also check out this site - Islington Realtor


Islington?City Centre West (also known as Islington Village, Six Points or Etobicoke City Centre) is a commercial and residential neighbourhood in Etobicoke, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. One of four central business districts outside Downtown Toronto, it is bounded by Rathburn Road to the north, Islington Avenue to the east, Bloor Street to the south, Mimico Creek to the west. Islington centres on a commercial strip along Dundas Street West (originally

The Governor's Road, the first highway connecting Toronto to London, Ontario) which runs along an escarpment (the Lake Iroquois Shoreline, ancient shore of Lake Iroquois) across the width of Etobicoke. To the west where Kipling Avenue crosses Dundas Street West (and Bloor Street West) is the Six Points intersection, the central point in Etobicoke's grid. Etobicoke's first cemetery began with the burial of a traveller on Dundas who died on his way to Toronto just before reaching Montgomery's Inn. Despite the dying man's request to be buried in Toronto, he was buried beside the Methodist Church (later the Etobicoke Council Offices) in Islington.

This cemetery remains a prominent historic site in the heart of Etobicoke where many of Etobicoke's early families are buried.

Sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islington?City_Centre_West, http://www.etobicokehistorical.com/islington-village.html

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