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We've Happily Served the Lakeview Community for Years

With access to the Port Credit and Long Branch GO Stations, Lakeview is well positioned for easy access around Mississauga and the greater Toronto area. It's a prominent location right on Lake Ontario, being home to the Port Credit Yacht Club, the Lakefront Promenade Marina, and the Lakeview Water Treatment Plant. It is also host to a number of high schools in the area.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Dominion Lending Centres are actually the #1 mortgage company in Canada - originating more mortgages than even any of the big banks do. To learn more, see this page - Dominon Lending

Your top-rated Lakeview Mortgage Broker can set you up with a pre-approval and tell you how much you can afford - all completely free and part of the service! You can also read more about pre-approvals at this page - mortgage pre approval

We serve the entire GTA and surrounding areas - not just Lakeview. In fact, if you're interested in the surrounding areas around Lakeview, check out our Lorne Park Mortgage Broker and our Meadowvale Mortgage Agent services. If you're looking for a Real Estate Agent, you should also check out this site - Lakeview Realtor


Lakeview is one of the communities in Mississauga (formerly Toronto Township), in the Region of Peel, just east of Port Credit, which amalgamated into the Town of Mississauga in 1968.

It is located in the extreme southeastern corner of the city. Lakeview is found along the northern shores of Lake Ontario, with an eastern boundary of Etobicoke Creek north of Lake Shore Road and the property line of the former Small Arms Division of Canadian Arsenals Ltd./Marie Curtis Park south of Lake Shore Road, and a western boundary of Cooksville Creek. Lakeview is part of the Mississauga Purchase of 1806, lands acquired by the Crown from the Mississauga Indians. Portions of the eastern section of the Lakeview was part of the Colonel Smith Tract, which was added to lands Colonel Samuel Smith had acquired in 1801 in neighbouring Etobicoke. Prior to 1958 the lands used by Lakeview GS and the old rifle range had been farmland since 1870s.

The Halliday and Hamilton families purchased several plots from the Samuel Smith Tract, which was once owned by Samuel Smith, to the west of the rifle range.

The rifle range had been occupied by the Canadian Army since 1891, when they moved from the old Garrison Common in Toronto.After 1958 infilling was needed to create the outer edge of the power plant and including some portions south of the old rifle range.


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