The Truth About Mortgage Rates

What Are Your Best Mortgage Rates...? What No-one Else Is Telling You

We often get asked why we don't have mortgage rates up on our site.

Well, I am going to tell you the truth that no-one else is telling you:

Mortgage Rates Truth

The truth is that:

Any Rates You See Online Are Completely, Utterly, 100% Meaningless

You see, without knowing any information about you or your background, there is literally zero way that anyone knows whether or not you can actually get the rates you see.

How Can You See What Rates You Can Actually Get?

Well, with just 90 seconds of your time - to give us the basic information we need - we can show what mortgage rates you can actually get - not fake numbers listed on a website somewhere.

And we will check over 46 Lenders for you - comparing your options to your own bank or lender

This service is completely free, only takes 90 seconds and there are absolutely no obligations at all.

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Have You Ever Wondered Why Online Mortgage Rates Are A 'Special Deal' And Usually Have A String Of Conditions Attached?

Low Rates

You may have noticed that mortgage rates advertised like this often have a string of conditions.

Often there are lots of terms and conditions like these:


Mortgage of over $400,000


Not a 'High Ratio' customer


You don't care about penalties


It's not a condo


Your name must be Brian Smith


You must be left handed

Ok, well the last two are a deliberate exaggeration but you get the point...

You see, this is how these services can justify it when you don't actually get the rate they offer:

Your name wasn't Brian Smith and you're not left handed - sorry you can't get this rate after all!

Advertising Low Rates That We Can't Honour Is Not Our Style

Putting really low rates up on a site is really easy. Watch this:

1.99% mortgage rates

See how easy that was? Could we actually get you a rate at 1.99%? Maybe. Maybe we could get you a lower rate!

This strategy - of getting your attention and pulling you in with low rates that you can't actually get - is known in the world of marketing and advertising as a bait and switch tactic.

The hope is that you will still use this service even after you realize that you can't actually get the advertised mortgage rate - this rate is just listed to get you to call or email them in the first place.

Instead, Why Not See What Mortgage Rates You Can Actually Get?

Again, with just 90 seconds of your time, we can show you which mortgage rates you can actually get.

And we will check over 46 Lenders for you - comparing your options to your own bank or lender.

There is no need to fill out long, boring mortgage application forms - this is a very simple online application that will only take you only 90 seconds. Click the button below to get started.

Get Free Mortgage Help In Just 90 Seconds

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

You Don't Get Happy Customers Like These With Fake Rates:

"I first reached out to them on a Saturday... Mich was very responsive and responded to emails even late into the evening. He answered all of my questions and is clearly knowledgeable about the world of mortgages and lending. I would highly recommend you speak with them before making any decisions about your next mortgage."

Derek S.
Derek S.

Toronto, ON

"They've been extremely helpful for someone like me who is completely new to the process, and are always willing to answer any and all of my questions. I'd recommend them to anyone looking to get a mortgage and feeling unsure where to start - these guys will be able to help you out for sure."

Emily G.
Emily G.

Toronto, ON

"I had a great time working with GTA Mortgage Pros. They were very helpful in walking me through all the steps necessary to renew my mortgage and explained everything to me. I'd look for them again on my next renewal, and would recommend them!"

Tim L.
Tim L.

Mississauga, ON

"As a first-time buyer they took the time to help me understand the process and my options, and I felt like they truly cared about finding the right mortgage product for me. I would recommend them to any first-time buyers out there who may be new to this process."

Emily H.
Emily H.

Milton, ON

"I received mortgage quotes from GTA Mortgage Pros and they were fantastic! I got them within a few hours of completing the form. I had not realized that the mortgage I was interested in came with a hidden penalty, with their quotes they showed me this and I was able to select a better deal."

James R.
James R.

Vernon, BC

"They were great! Very helpful, very professional, and very knowledgeable. Highly recommended."

Charley W.
Charley W.

Whitby, ON

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