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The Pickering Area is A Beautiful Spot

Pickering is a welcoming, safe community, ideal for raising a family or starting and growing a business. The City provides an unprecedented quality of life, has the highest diversity rate in Durham, and continues to attract residents and businesses from all over the world!

If you need help getting a mortgage to enjoy everything Pickering has to offer, GTA Mortgage Pros are your best option!

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Dominion Lending Centres are actually the #1 mortgage company in Canada - originating more mortgages than even any of the big banks do. To learn more, see this page - click here

Your top-rated Pickering Mortgage Broker can set you up with a pre-approval and tell you how much you can afford - all completely free and part of the service! You can also read more about pre-approvals at this page - click here

We serve the entire GTA and surrounding areas - not just Pickering. In fact, if you're interested in the surrounding areas around Pickering, check out our Agincourt Mortgage Broker and our Birch Cliff Mortgage Agent services. If you're looking for a Real Estate Agent, you should also check out this site - Pickering Realtor


Pickering (2016 population 91,771) is a city located in Southern Ontario, Canada, about 35 miles east of Toronto in Durham Region.

It was occupied for centuries by the Iroquoian-speaking Huron (now known as the Wyandot ).

This was Aboriginal territory for thousands of years.

The Wyandot (called the Huron by Europeans), who spoke an Iroquoian language, were the historic people living here in the 15th century. Archeological remains of a large village have been found here, known as the Draper Site. Later, the Wyandot moved northwest to Georgian Bay, where they established their historic homeland.

There they encountered French explorers in the early 17th century, followed by missionaries and fur traders.

The southern part of the city is mainly suburban, with industrial areas restricted to the area around Pickering Nuclear Generating Station. Most of the suburban areas were built as subdivisions after World War II, starting in the area around Frenchman's Bay. Prior to the war, the few suburban areas in the township were the communities of Dunbarton, Fairport Beach, Liverpool Market, and Rouge Hill. Squires Beach, located by the lakeshore in the southeast part of the city, is now a ghost town.

Sources: https://www.durhamregion.com/community-story/4060309-pickering-s-ghost-town-attracts-explorers-searching-for-remnants-of-history/, https://www.pickering.ca/en/index.aspx

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