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Seaton is a Special Canadian Village

The plans for the Seaton community seems to be really promising and buying a property there could be a great investment. Get a Toronto mortgage agent that can help you negotiate a better mortgage for your Seaton property.

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GTA Mortgage Pros are a part of the Dominion Lending group, the top mortgage brokerage in Canada. This means that we have access to over 46 top lenders in the country.

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Dominion Lending Centres are actually the #1 mortgage company in Canada - originating more mortgages than even any of the big banks do. To learn more, see this page - here

Your top-rated Seaton Mortgage Broker can set you up with a pre-approval and tell you how much you can afford - all completely free and part of the service! You can also read more about pre-approvals at this page - here

We serve the entire GTA and surrounding areas - not just Seaton. In fact, if you're interested in the surrounding areas around Seaton, check out our Brougham Mortgage Broker and our Claremont Mortgage Agent services. If you're looking for a Real Estate Agent, you should also check out this site - Seaton Realtor


Seaton will be a community in north Pickering in Ontario, Canada. Seaton is bounded by West Duffins Creek to the west, Sideline 16 to the east, Highway 7 to the north, and the CP Rail line to the south; it abuts the communities of Green River, Whitevale, and Brougham.

It was devised community by the provincial government dating to the 1970s.

The Seaton lands (originally known as Cedarwood), have received much attention from local residents and environmentalists.

It was a prominent component of the North Pickering Land Exchange of November 2003 enacted by the Liberal provincial government, in which developers received land in Seaton in exchange for lands owned by those developers on the Oak Ridges Moraine, primarily in Richmond Hill and Uxbridge. Development of the area has begun south of Taunton Road.


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We do all kinds of mortgages - you name it we do it from renewals to refinances to commercial. With regards to mortgage rates, it depends on your mortgage type and circumstances. To learn more about refinances and rates, check out these links - here and fixed and variable rates

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