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The Best Parks in Toronto

January 16, 2019

The Best Parks in Toronto

Toronto is a tourist-friendly city with so much to see and do. When touring the city, you will tire with all there is and you will need a green park that you can rest, get refreshments and even take a photo. The city has more than 1500 parks you can tour to get a break from the city bustle.

The best parks in Toronto are not just plain parks as they are green oases where you can sit on a bench, stroll, cycle, picnic, and play. You also have the liberty to walk your pet dog. Below we’ve listed some of the best parks that you will fall in love.

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Trinity Bellwoods Park

You will have time to relax and enjoy the hip, classic and artsy in this traditional park that has ample green space. Its walking paths are paved and well lit at night with vintage cast iron lamps. You can choose to have fun playing in the well-maintained playground or the tennis and volleyball courts.  The park is good for picnicking and enjoying available events as you view the superb CN Tower.

Toronto Islands

This is an island in the city and the best place to relax in the lakeside beaches and view the city skyline. You will experience a ferry ride to the island and have a relaxed time resting in the sandy beaches, canoeing, kayaking, and cycling. The park is suitable for those looking for a playground, picnicking site or an amusement park.

Riverdale Farm

Would you love to be a farmer for a day? Riverdale Farm is just the best park for those who love watching heritage livestock breeds. There are butterfly herb gardens and ponds that you would love touring. Admission to this park is free and you would not want to miss watching farmers hoeing the gardens and feeding the farm animals within the park.

Toronto Music Garden

This park is musically inspired and meticulously sculpted. You will love to be part of the free guided tour in the park as you enjoy a dash of music. There is a strong theme of art and architecture in this park which you would love to experience and even take a photo.

Allan Garden

The Allan Garden is an exotic conservatory garden that you get to see all kinds of tropical plants, exotic palm, and spiny cacti. The garden is a haven for those who love learning more about the flora and you can also attend the seasonal flower show. You do not have to worry about losing direction as there is a guided tour service. Get to tour the glass-domed Palm House in the park believed to be the oldest in Toronto.


Evergreen Brick Works

The Evergreen Brick Works is the park you have no excuse not to visit as it is free to enter park. This Community Environmental Centre hosts a weekend farmers market all year round. There is also rental space, cycling repair, edible plant gardens, organic garden store, and native plants, that ate available all year round. You will enjoy touring the park with the help of tour guides.


Toronto has all kinds of parks and you will love visiting the kind of park you have in mind. There are more than 1500 parks in this city and you can visit the parks’ website and choose the one you would love visiting. It is also good to note if your park of choice is free to enter and if there are charges you put a note on that.






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