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The Golf Courses of Toronto

January 16, 2019

The Golf Courses of Toronto – A Guide

Golf is one of the sports that people of Toronto take part in. Though the sport is not as popular as soccer or hockey in this city, it still has fans and the people value it as a prestigious sport. Schools in Toronto compete in golf tournaments and it’s a sport that they invest in.

We here at GTA Mortgage Pros love the game and were thrilled to put a guide together.

There is so much one need to learn about golf if they are really interested in the sport. The Toronto Golf Club is one of the strict members-only group and there are rules and dress codes to be observed. There are categories of golf courses that you can choose to fit in and learn more about the sport.

Budgeted Courses

These are meant for the people who treasure the sport but are financially challenged. Students in Toronto are commonly known to take advantage of these courses as they have a tight budget and less to spend on the course. You can take the opportunity as the public facilities offering the course are equally able and will make you a star irrespective of how much you have to spend.

Some of the facilities you can take the course include:

Bushwood- Train in a well-maintained place for $30-$48 during the summer season. The charge is a Green fee for 18 holes.

Don Valley- This facility is the most suitable as is close to the city. They have good discounts for juniors and will cost you $63-$70.50 as Green fees for 18 holes during summer.

Maples of Ballantrae- Take the opportunity to train within a well-curved scenery of Marple trees. You will only need to spend $35-$65 for the 18 holes golf course during summer.

Standard courses

You will have the opportunity to have a very good course that it’s not too expensive for you. Some of the places that you can get trained include:

Osprey Valley- This is a 54 holes golf club that you can take the three golf courses. The course can take $59-$177 for the Green fees for 18 holes.

St. Andrew’s Valley- It is this place that you will get the experience of playing when the wind is a challenge. It will cost you $39-$99 as the Green fees for 18 holes.

Redcrest- This is another place that you can book for a tee time after 4 pm. The course needs you to have $95 during the prime time

Piper’s Heath- Spend $50-$90 as the Green fees for 18 holes in this gorgeous place near Milton.

There are a lot of great public courses in and around Toronto, which you can see in the video below.

High-end courses

These are for the big spenders who have more to spend on this prestigious sport. Some of the places you can get the training include:

Copper Creek- Spend $125-$185 in this naturally beautiful place. The atmosphere is challenging and will help you get experienced.

Angus Glen- Get a majestic and challenging course from this place which is a home to a number of corporate golf. You need $135-$180 as Green fees for 18 holes.

Glen Abbey- The place is considered the most dramatic draw when it comes to public golf. You will need $127-236 as Green fees for 18 holes.


Golf is best played in summer after a long winter season in Canada. Summer is the best time to train and enjoy golf as the grass is long and green and the view of tree-lined fairways is awesome and breathtaking. You should also note that the charges of these golf courses may be higher as there will be a tax to be included.


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