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Toronto Mortgage, Finance And Other News – 07-08-2016

August 7, 2016

All The Toronto Mortgage News And Info You Need For The Week Ending 7th August 2016

In this week’s Toronto mortgage, finance and other news the real estate report is out for August and it shows a Toronto housing market that is blistering hot, we look at the impact of BC’s new 15% tax on Toronto properties, and how are athletes from Toronto doing in the Rio Olympics? Check it out below!

New BC Foreign Buyers Tax Could Boost Toronto House Prices

With the introduction of a new 15% tax in BC, there is speculation that these purchases could shift eastward to Toronto – check out what a group of Realtors had to say about the situation:

The July Toronto House Prices Report Is In And It’s Hot, Hot, Hot!

Much like the weather, July saw the real estate market in Toronto continue to heat. It is almost like a broken record at this point with the phrases ‘record prices’ being thrown around. Check out the full details at this article.

Who Are TubeMogual And Why Have They Picked Toronto?

It’s a weird named business. Nothing to do with YouTube though. Find out who they are and why they picked Toronto for a new client academy:

WoodGreen Comunity Chose For MLSE Award

MLSE aren’t just about giving lots of money to professional sports teams in Toronto – they also do some charity work. Find out why WoodGreen was chosen for their most recent award:

Musical Superstar Makes Large Donation To Toronto Charity

Ever heard of the Weeknd? Well, as an Ethiopian immigrant – and now musical superstar – he has decided to give back to his roots by making a large donation to the University of Toronto for an Ethiopian studies program. Read more at:

Need To Cool Down? Head To Yonge And Eglinton…

Sorry bad joke – but police have, unfortunately, had to close part of this busy intersection due to water mains bursting there.

Young, Toronto Athlete Dominates In Rio

If you haven’t heard the name Penny Oleksiak you must have been living under a rock. In just her first Olympics, she has already won two medals and is lining up to be one of the break-through stars of the entire games. And she’s from Toronto…

Toronto Blue Jays Trade Venditte

In one of those ‘TBC’ trades – where you don’t actually find out who was received in exchange – Toronto traded Venditte to Seattle this week.

Bradley Back In Toronto FC Line-Up?

And he was not happy with the MLS and their scheduling – taking a dig at them for his having to leave in the first place. Was he right?


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