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Toronto Mortgage, Finance And Other News – 15-08-2016

August 15, 2016

Your Weekly Dose: The Toronto Mortgage News You Need To Know – 15-08-2016

In this week’s Toronto mortgage, finance and other news the biggest story was how much it costs to afford a home in Toronto – apparently it is now 6 figures. Elsewhere we continue our update on Toronto athletes in Rio and there have been layoffs at the Toronto Star. Check it out below!

MCAN Mortgage Company Releases Earnings For Q2

MCAN are one of the largest mortgage companies in Canada – based in Toronto like most of the biggest financial services firms. Read their Q2 earnings report and what it suggests about the Toronto mortgage market below.

How Much Money Do You Need To Buy A Home In Toronto?

$50,000? $75,000? Actually it is more and apparently it now takes a six-figure household income to afford a home in the Greater Toronto Area. What do you think?

Daycare Or Kindergarten – Which Is More Expensive In Toronto?

New daycare rules came in this week which led to celebrations for some parents. However, what they might not have considered is what follows daycare….

Layoffs Announced At The Toronto Star

Really sad news over at the Toronto Star, where 45 employees were laid off at one of Canada’s biggest daily newspapers. Find out why and what happened below.–finance.html

First Case Of Zika Defects Found In Toronto

More sad news – the first confirmed case of defects in a fetus were announced by Canada’s public health agency this week.

Liriano Has A Tough Home Debut For The Blue Jays

Did I say tough? I meant rough. In the literal sense – he got roughed up quite a bit – check out the details below:

More Success For Toronto Athlete In Rio

Penny from the Beaches continues to be the Canadian star of the Olympics – and at only 16 years old. Another day, another medal…

Toronto FC Look To Keep Good Form Going On The Road

After some solid home wins, Toronto FC hits the road for 3 games. First up is Houston and hopefully they can keep their recent good form going – with the return of Michael Bradley also likely to help.


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