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Toronto Mortgage, Finance And Other News – 21-08-2016

August 21, 2016

Your Weekly Update On Toronto Mortgage And Real Estate For 21st August 2016

In this week’s Toronto mortgage, finance and other news we take a look at a recent IPO filing in Toronto, Toronto secures the 4th spot on the ‘most liveable cities in the world’ report for 2016 (again) , a new report examines why house prices keep rising in Toronto and your usual update on the Toronto sports teams.Check it out below!

Home Ownership Starting To Become Unrealistic Says Expert

An interesting report about home ownership – although they chose to highlight a couple who have made millions from home-ownership as an example – so I don’t quite understand that. But there has been an underlying belief that home-ownership is starting to become unattainable in the GTA – check out some of the arguments:

University Students Are Tightening Their Belts

Meaning that they need to find new and innovative ways to fund other activities outside their studies. Of course, being some of our best and brightest, they are coming up with ways of doing just that – read about them here:

Aritzia Files An IPO On The Toronto Stock Exchange

Aritzia are a ladies fashion store – if you haven’t heard of them. Their IPO was one of the biggets financial stories of the week in the GTA.

Why Are House Prices Continuing To Rise In Toronto?

A lot of people discuss when house prices will stop rising. However, many are not looking at the underlying reasons why they are rising in the first place. How can you claim that house prices are going to crash when you don’t know why they are elevated? Well yo can fix that by checking out this article which outlines the foundation for the current house price status in detail.

Toronto Secures Top 5 Place In Most Liveable Cities List

Something that isn’t a huge shock: Toronto is a great city to live. The Economist magazine confirmed – once again – that it is one of the top 5 best in the world. In fact, 3 Canadian cities make up the top 5 – so remember that it is a great time to be living here.

Tragically Hip Concert Screened Across The GTA

’Hip’ parties were to be found all across Canada – not just in Toronto. And the Toronto police went viral for tweeting about Canada being shut on Saturday night. This is an interesting story about a party in Sorauren Park in the west end, where nearby residents gathered to watch their final show live.

Toronto Summer Festivals Keep Growing

Everyone in the GTA knows that we have the best summer festivals. Well this article highlights some of the best of them happening over the weekend including the ‘Taste of Manilla’ and ‘Afro-Carib’:

Toronto Athlete Named Canada Flag Bearer For Rio Closing Ceremony

Winning four medals wasn’t enough for her – Penny is now the flag bearer for Canada at the closing ceremony and without a doubt the breakthrough story of the Rio Olympics for Canada.

The UFC Is Going To Return To Toronto

After almost four years away, the biggest fighting event in the world will return to Toronto – find out where, when and rumours of who below.

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