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Toronto Mortgage, Finance And Other News – 27-08-2016

August 27, 2016

Your Toronto Mortgage, Finance And Other News For The Week Ending 27th August 2016

In this week’s Toronto mortgage, finance and other news we look at other impacts (than just the cost) of the crazy hot Toronto housing market, there was potentially some good news for Toronto infrastructure investment (that is that something might happen!) and we also provide the usual dose of updates on the top Toronto sports teams. Check it out below!

Financial Institutions Report Strong Results – Despite Deflated Oil Prices

It seems that the biggest financial institutions in Canada have recovered from the earlier setbacks of 2016 – caused by record low oil prices – as they reports excellent results for Q3. Find out what is driving these at the link below.

Home Prices In Vancouver And Toronto Under Scrutiny – Shocking News!

In perhaps one of the least shocking statements ever made, RBC has said is will be “closely monitoring” house prices in Toronto and Vancouver. I am not even sure this is a real story since it means absolutely nothing but you can read it using the link below.

The Hot Toronto Market Has Led To Other Impacts (Than Just Cost)

While much of the focus of the hot Toronto housing market has been on rising pricing and the increasing affordability gap for local residents, there are other impacts too. This interesting article looked at some of the other impacts the hot housing market is having – other than simply in higher prices.

Toronto Infrastructure Funding Boost Agreed

It’s a story as old as Toronto’s hot housing market – the ongoing saga and struggles to get proper infrastructure investment. This week some new Federal funding was announced. What does it mean? Will it actually amount to something? See the link below for more details and add some comments on your thoughts.

Canadian Dollar Continues Its Recent Strong Performance vs. The US Dollar

Much like the main Canadian banks – mentioned above – the dollars also appears to be in a completely different places from the lows of early 2016. This week saw this trend continue as the U.S. Fed dropped some hints on its plans for interest rates in the next little while. Unlike in Canada, an interest rate hike in the U.S. is highly likely – even if Brexit did lead to it being pushed back. Find out your latest update on the Loony at the link below.–finance.html

TTC Presto Technology Could Have Glitches

The roll-out of Presto cards is very slowly continuing across the Greater Toronto Area. But this week a resident is saying that the Presto technology has several glitches that are being ignored. Find out the details below.

Toronto Uber Drivers Not Displaying ID Stickers

In this news report, it is highlighted that Toronto Uber drives are not displaying the Uber ID stickers on their vehicles. Are these required or voluntary? Why are they not displaying them – fear for their safety? Find out more at:

Toronto Blue Jays Happy With Navarro Trade

The GM has highly praised Navarro – traded to the Blue Jays from the White Socks recently – in particular his enthusiasm and morale boost to the team.

Toronto vs. Montreal Rivalry Considered One Of The ‘Best’ In MLS

Debates over which rivalry is the ‘best’ are obviously pretty subjective in any sport. In this article the author argues that in the MLS the Toronto vs Montreal rivalry might be one of the best. What do you think?–mls.html

Toronto Sports Teams Looking Good

Sometimes it is worth taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture – especially when it looks so good! Toronto soccer and baseball teams both sit in first place. The basketball team just game off their best ever season. And the hockey team? Well I guess you could say they are showing signs of promise. What is going on recently with all this success…

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