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Toronto Mortgage And Other News – April 2016

April 4, 2016

Welcome to the new version of our monthly newsletter – where we will cover mortgages, finances and the other top Toronto and GTA news stories. Here are some of the select top stories from the last month:


1. In A Shock Move, Roger’s Centre To Be Renamed Skydome*

The breaking news from earlier this week was that the old Skydome is coming back . This was just one of many exciting stories to come out on April 1st….

2. Trudeau Government Launches Their First Budget And…?

We give our take on it and what it means for Toronto mortgages and home owners in the GTA in our latest article – Toronto mortgages and the Trudeau budget

3. The Toronto Blue Jays Are Back

Here are 5 things that you need to know about the new baseball and Blue Jays season that just started…

4. New Toronto Mortgage Rules Have Arrived

Back to the world of mortgages, Advocate Daily covers the new mortgage rules and how they will impact Toronto.

5. Toronto And Montreal Getting Along??

Well at least the mayors are – so well in fact that they have signed a cooperation and partnership agreement

6. Wallet Watch: Be More Careful Where You Park In The GTA

It was announced in March that steeper parking fines are coming in the GTA – be ready for them!

7. The Toronto New Housing Market Looks Strong For 2015

Stats on the new housing market came out and the picture looked good for 2016 going forward.

8. Finally… Beavertail Is To Open It’s First Cafe In Toronto

On the lighter side of things, there was good news for those who like their beavertails…


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* This one might have been an April Fools joke!

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